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Maintenance Manager



Maintain production and quality by ensuring an efficient operation of machinery and equipment. Readiness to troubleshoot and repair. Planning and carrying out installation activities. 

Develop and apply the best available preventive maintenance systems.  Structure a department with a capable crew to tend to the care of the plant, its buildings and grounds. 




         Supervises, directs and coordinates personnel activities concerned with projects and maintenance. This would involve but not be limited to knowledge of product technology, 3A installation standards, preventive maintenance, of machine and equipment capabilities and limitations.

         Interacts with plant management to establish project priorities and budgets. Helps controlling downtime by informing production manager and personnel of routine preventive maintenance needs. Plans and directs project and maintenance activities and their priorities, and monitoring compliance with scheduled maintenance programs.

         Coordinates parts inventory and procurement of parts, tools and shop supplies.

         In coordination with engineering selects and keeps relationships with contractors and external engineering companies.

         Through effective communication with all appropriate parties, develops and implements methods and procedures to eliminate operation problems and improve product quality.

         Communicates and coordinates with engineering the modification of equipment in order to improve production and quality of products.

          Manages performance and development of all of his/her direct reports.

         Ready to tackle emergency/nonscheduled repairs.

         Reads and interprets equipment manuals.

         Maintains an updated stock of tools and looks after their correct utilization and conservation.

         Other areas of responsibility are: Telephones, gates operation, water treatment systems, grounds lightning and security systems.




Job Requirements:




Our company. Ė

We are an established specialty food manufacturing company with proprietary technology, equipment and processes.

We are a small, family owned, focused on developing food technologies. We believe we need to make a better use of our resources as a society. One way to do it is to make our food last longer without compromising taste or purity, that is what we work on. We started our work on new food dehydrating technology in 2001 and invented a way of drying eggs so that they keep all their flavor and functionality. Our egg crystals are the only dehydrated eggs that actually taste just like fresh eggs. And because we focus on the fundamental processing technology itself, we do not add chemicals, preservatives or any other additives to our product.